Women’s Small Group
Thursdays 7P
Sabbath School
Saturdays 9:45A
Sabbath Worship
Saturdays 11A

La mesa seventh day adventist community church




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Our mission is to be a community of love so that all may know Jesus.


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Our services are typically 1.5 hours long. You will hear contemporary praise music with a band along with powerful and life-changing messages from our pastor. We promise to build you up, not to beat you up. Our hope is your experience with God will be so refreshing, you will join us again the following week.

You will be greeted with a huge smile and a loving welcome from our team. Not only that, our church family loves making guests feel right at home. Make your way over to our welcome table, to learn about our church and get details on next steps we’ve designed just for you. We also have a little gift to put in your hands as a thank you for coming to our church.

Some like to come dressed with suits and ties (formal), while others in jeans and shirts (relaxed). Please don’t stress on the dress. Feel free to come in what is comfortable to you!

We accept everybody, appreciate everybody, and affirm everybody! We want to be the most hospitable church in town, where people are nice to you and won’t treat you funny. We love Jesus. We serve coffee (and juice). We like to sing and praise. Hugging is optional. You are already part of our family.

We love our LM Kids and LM Youth. Our phenomenal staff works hard to create a weekly experience that leads students to a growing relationship with Jesus. We believe your kids will look forward to come to church and experience the best hour of their week.

Have you ever felt emotionally exhausted or psychologically overworked by drowning yourself in 24/7 living? We know what that feels like too. Which is why God gave you and me the gift of Sabbath. A beautiful reminder that it is okay to rest, because God has already completed the work. Sabbath is the weekly invitation from God to be restored and released from anything that may be weighing you down. We believe you can worship God any day, but there is something unique and special about the 7th-day Sabbath, God’s gift to the world (Genesis 2:2-3).

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Our lead pastor, Ruben and his wife Martha, are excited to be home in San Diego and share the powerful message of Jesus, in a city they both grew up in. They love their church and are thrilled to help create a culture where there is room at the table for all.

One of their most favorite things to do is go to Disneyland with their two children, T.R. and Mia. You can catch our pastor weekly, preaching about his best friend Jesus, with messages that will inspire you and light a fire in your soul. 



LM Kids is the K-6 community of LM Adventist. We are committed to creating the best hour of a child’s week, through fun and engaging bible classes, uplifting worship and praise, and a safe and warm environment.


LM Youth is the junior high and high school community of LM Adventist. We are committed to creating a home where youth will always feel welcome and be a part of the youth family.


We love our neighbors. Every month over 1000 families come to our church for food distribution and a whole lot of love. We provide bagged groceries: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 9am-12pm.

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A Partnership With God

Giving is part of growing. As givers grow in the grace of giving, the church grows in its ability to do God’s work. Thank you for partnering with God and our church to maximize the table experience—by online, at church, and in our community.